Airlite buttons

I Upgraded this weekend to V7 but the remote buttons on my D&R Airlite doen’t work anymore. When I switch back to V6.3 then everything works normally again.
I know it is still in beta but is this a bug?

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Can anybody confirm this? Just tried with my Webstation, and it does work as expected.

I am using my airlite with version 7 until now. In version 6 I haveonly the cue, and on button on the usb channels and since version 7 also the other buttons. These are working fine.
Have you already created a new remote control for the Airlite? perhaps that the version 6 remote isn’t working after update.
In my case I created a new one after installing version 7 and it works from the first moment.

I got it running after some time of searching, it was a setting that was not taken during the upgrade.
Sorry for the inconvenience, I it works fine now!

Which one was that?  

That was from 6.3.18 → 7.0

And which setting? Do you remember?

I checked the code, but I can’t see any relevant changes between 6.3 and 7.0.