Airence remote

I finally bought my new mixer a D&R airence.
Don’t use the usb soundcarts but to set up the remote you can choose usb 1 til usb 4 fader 1 is here the microphone so there are 3 faders for remote controls.
How do I use the fader 5 and 6 the remote. There is a jack in chassis for remote but surely there must be a solution in the airence?

Outher question the pfl for player a/b goes through mairlist but al the outher pfl?

Hello Henk,

congratulations to your Airence. :slightly_smiling_face:
The USB channels are only 1 to 4; 5 and 6 are phone or line, not USB.

Pic taken from Airence-USB

I know Uli but is the only option to use a extra cart.
Almost evry button is adjustable.

Go for some Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder, available all over Ebay for little expense.