Aircheck control via D&R mixpults

Hi Torben,

I’d like to suggest an extension of the action items list, which is located in the D&R mixpult remote control setup, by options to control Aircheck. There is a switch “Mic On” (I use the Airlite console) which would be great for the Aircheck recording control - when I switch one of the mics on the Aircheck would start recording and stop it when I switch the mic off.

Is there anyone else who would appreciate this feature?

Thanks for considering this feature request.


Hi Lukas,

this is possible already – however, you want to introduce a remote interface between the Airlite’s MIC ON-jack and some USB-Connector of the mAirList computer. A device like the “zero delay arcade USB encoder”, cheaply sold on ebay, will suffice. In mAirList you can address her via gamepad remote and execute the respective commands.

Recorded regards


It actually works without a physical GPIO interface, just over the existing USB remote control connection.

Look at the “Switches” tab in the config, there is one called “Mic On” near the end of the list. Just enter the appropriate commands there.

Hi Torben,

yes, this “Switches” section is what I’m talking about, but in the commands list I can’t see an option to start/stop recording via Aircheck so asking about adding this to the list.


See answer here: Aircheck commands

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Deleted: Superfluous – @Torben has had the better idea.

Thanks a lot. This was quite hidden procedure of the setup. Works perfect!