AEQ Capitol IP


Before I decide whether I will be buying an AEQ Capitol IP, I have a question with regards to the Mairlist interface:

  • As the AEQ console does not use the PC sound card and there are only 2 USB connections (2 stereo in/2 stereo out), how does Mairlist handle the interface with regards to multiple audio streams (f.i. 3 players and 1 cartwall - 4 audio streams to 4 faders)?


Perhaps I should ask the question differently. Many of the digital consoles have only 2 usb ports. I have seen that some playout systems integrate with these consoles via Dante AoiP protocol. Dante for instance gives 16 stereo in/8 stereo out chennels for the Dante card for the AEQ. Is Mairlist able to use these channels for audio-streams?

I don’t have hands-on experience with the AEQ consoles. But generally, for Dante-enabled devices, you would by a license of Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS, $30), and then you have a number (up to 8) sound card entries in Windows all of which mAirList can use just like a regular soundcard.

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