Advertisting starts 'fade out all players in auto mode'

In my hourtemplate I have placed an advertisement backtimed at the end of the hour.
The end of the hour is set that it will be between xx:59 and xx:01 by using it with a soft fixed timing.
When a song is too long, the song will be cut by the advertisement, all players will fade out and the advertising is played without any problem.

Now when someone recorded a voicetrack at the end of the hour, it will keep playing even when the advertisement is started due to the time. Offcourse it will be the responsability of the dj to place the voicetrack in a good position, but still it would be great if a voicetrack gets cut of when advertisement starts.
What causes that the voicetrack will be hearable even when the advertisement is started?

Neither in the hourtemplate as in the advertisement template it is possible to use the setting ‘fadeout all players in automation mode’. If this setting will be available, this issue should be fixed if i am correct?