Advertising star and end date problem

A few customers called us that the last day of their payed campaigns is missing in broadcasting… and I have looked into planner and I don’t see error. In first, but after thinking, the end date and HOUR would be much appreciated to change to 23:59:59 not to be at 0:00:00. This mean that on that day campaign ends in first minute of day, not the last.

I know I can change this manually every time, but it should be fixed in some future snaps to be at 23:59:59.

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Internally, the field is called “NotAfter”, and you could just put the next day and 00:00:00 in it to have the same effect.

But I agree, as it is labeled “End” in the GUI, it would be better to put the last day in it, and have 23:59:59 preselected. I will change it accordingly.

Just note that the minutes/seconds are ignored anyway, only the hour matters. So if you want the 23 hour to be the last one in which the spot is used, it doesn’t make a difference if you put 23:59:59 or 23:00:01.

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