Advertising, scheduling, playlist where?

following the wiki to schedule adverts, i don’t understand how to make the block to pick a random item from my advertising and play it. Where do i add a new camping? i can’t find it anywhere. doing the hour template i see how to add the blocks for the adverts. i even created a sub playlist for the adverts but i don’t understand how to schedule or to load the adverts. the wiki is very confusing and missing steps.

Can i have a step by step how to create a campaign, make it random in each block that i assign on my template. so if i have 100 adverts, i want to play randomly every time that i assign on hour template. is this possible?

please be detail, i read all the entries here and can’t find a solution. I eve email Torben and never answer. Getting desperate here.

You mean you have a folder of 100 ads and only want to play “some” per hour, randomly?

That’s not how advertising works. Generally you will want to play all items (booked for that hour/block), because the customer paid for it.

If you don’t want the item to be played in all blocks, just uncheck the hours/blocks in the campaign editor. (Hint: Click column/row headers, possibly holding Shift, to change multiple hours/blocks at a time.)

If you still want to go the “random” way, use “random item from folder” in the hour template.

Ok, I understand. Let’s play the advert in order. Where is the campaign editor? I can’t find that menu anywhere. Please provide setp by step instructions.


Are you sure you have read the wikipages?
Here everything is described step by step. When you’re familiar with the minischeduler this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Read all the wiki step by step. I can’t find anywhere the campaign manager to add a campaign. I understand about the blocks and how to apply it to the hour template. But where one chooses the ads ro be played? I don’t seem to find the menu to ad a sequence or something. I have a version that supposed to have ads. Please help!

  • button in the lower left corner


How do I get to that window? I don’t see that anywhere? Thanks

That’s the ordinary Properties dialog when you double-click an item in the library…

Do you have the right mAirlist version Ariel?

Well, I have the advance version.

Any way that someone can help me with this? Torben i can’t find that option, why? i supposed to have the right version of the software. thanks


the standard version does not include the Ad scheduler.
To op the ad scheduler, open the database. Go to the ad (commercial) you want to schedule. Right click on the commercial. Properties => scheduling.

Hope this helps you.

well, i have the advance edition, and i understand what kris is saying. got to the audio ad, right click, and i can see the scheduler. now how do you create a sequece, either random or specific for the campaing?