Advertising - Available spots - empty

Our spots under Advertising - Available spots, aren’t available, but they are available in a dedicated folder and all spots are marked as Advertisement. Can this be somehow fixed? The database is local. Version 7.3.5624

I don’t use the advertising feature, so, just a wild guess here.
When you switch to the “Advertising”-tab, are there campaigns listed as current? When you edit a campaign, you can enable the campaign and set start and end dates.

Did you work with campaigns altogether? Or did you just upload the spots like you do with music files and mark them as ad?

I work with defined campaigns.

On second mAirlist installation where I use networked SQL this part of DB app is filled with all spots (files marked as Advertisement) the moment we sync them to library, regardless is the campaign defined or not.

@Torben do you maybe know what could be the reason for this?

Will be fixed in build 5629.