Advertise block

I would like to add advertises from our association but here at my version i dont have it, is something that coming in other versions or it is just a matter of activate it? If so can someone please help me?
Many thanks,

Hello Julio,

it depends on the mAirList version you have. Which is it?
Standard, Advanced or Professional?

It seems that this is not a “home user” thing (see rules here:, so it can’t be mAirList Home Studio. Am I right?

hello, it is the
mAirList 6.x Home Studio (M6-HOMEST)

There is a way to add this function?

I use the home version for may ow low power radio, witch is my private project, from my home studio, so i am the only one that is using it, what i mean is that i need air some info about the association i am a member, it is not payed advertise, also i need to advertise the info of my own radio, like the cultural programs i will air, their time, also a few spots i record with cultura info. I have been using it on assist mode, and just a few days ago i start to use on auto mode, but i still far from understand on how to set it up, and i see that with the adds function it would make my life much easy, as i am not managing to add this announcements in a correct way with the other options

Advertising and mAirList Home Studio do not match, sorry.
Please contact to find a solution; Torben - the founder and boss of mairlist GmbH - will decide on your special situation.

Office time is tomorrow from 9 a.m. CEST (GMT +2), please be patient. Thank you.