Administrator functions

Probably this is a very specific ‘problem’ as not many people will use this setup that way I think.

If you want to modify the database via a DBserver remote connection, you can add, delete or move items as administrator, but you cannot duplicate them. This with, for example, a container that contains a specific hit that you want to add in the database in advance.
This option is also not included in the user rights.

Also, you cannot change the user restrictions even though the user has administrative rights. As a result, you cannot remotely access your database and users as an administrator.
Also, a remote administrator cannot change user rights. for this you have to log in to the actual server. This makes the administrator function no more than the manager function.

Perhaps this is due to my composition of licenses and possibilities in certain licenses? if this is the case, I will upgrade one of the licenses so that these functions are possible.

I noticed this has to do with the type of license used on the remote PC. So this part may be skipped as issue. I have to find another solution for this myself.

Only the issue regarding the duplicate item option in database still remains, since every license of mAirlist should be able to work with a database (local or networkbased).