Adlink PCI-7250


is it possible to use an ADLINK PCI-7250 Card for remote control purposes?

ADLINK’s PCI-7250/7251 provide 4-CH SPDT (Form C) & 4-CH
SPST (Form A) relay outputs and 8-CH isolated digital inputs. The LPCI/LPCIe-7250 and cPCI-7252 provide 8-CH SPDT (Form C) relay outputs and 8/16-CH isolated digital inputs. The status of each relay output is represented by an onboard LED. When the relay is in SET condition, its corresponding LED will turn ON, and on the contrary, it is OFF. All digital input channels are nonpolarity, optically isolated, and may be set to use RC filter or not. The devices are suitable for collecting digital inputs in noisy environments.

There is no built-in support, but it is possible through a script. I once created one for a customer, you may want to give it a try.

All required files can be found here:

  • PCI-Dask.dll: Must be copied into the mAirList program folder

  • DASK Installation Guide.pdf: Includes instructions on how to install the requred drivers (omitted the step here as I don’t own the hardware).

  • The actual script I wrote.

Save to some folder. Open it with a text editor to check the basic settings in the header: First ADLINK card in the system, first/only port (= set of 8 inputs) on it, and 50ms polling interval:

// Number of the card in the system, 0 is first/only
// Port number on card, 0 is the built-in port for the 7250
PORT_NUMBER = 0; // 0…3
// Interval in milliseconds to poll for changes

Open mAirList configuration, go to “Background Scripts”, and add the script to the config. Then start the mAirList playout app.

If all goes well, you should see messages like “Input 0 is now ON” in the system log (status bar).

Edit the script again, locate the InputChanged procedure, and fill in the appropriate commands into the ExecuteCommand calls, e.g. “PLAYER 1-1 START” to start player 1 and so on. The script will reload automatically when you save to disk.

o wow !!!

thanks, I’ll give it a try and let you know if it works.

Hi Torben, do you still have the script for controlling mAirlist with the AdLink card? The Dropbox link in your post doesn’t work anymore.