Adjusting levels of tracks

Adjusting levels of tracks (normal and in voicetracks) is a little bit difficult. You have to set at least two markers otherwise the track fade out. Is it possible to make it as in Adobe Audition multitrack view? (I use version 3 but I think it’s the same way in the latest version of Audition)
In Audition you have just to click on the line to make a marker and from there you can adjust the level. If you want to increase or further decrease it you put another marker on the line with just one click. It works a little bit faster than now is in Mairlist.

Another question about levels. Is it possible to put tracks in a voicetrack standard at minus 3 db? Now i have to set it at each new voicetrack from 0 to -3dB. (I mean the volume of the tracks, I know I can amplify the voicetrack itselves,

The volume envelope editing in mAirList was actually inspired by the way it works Adobe Audition. But I’m not aware of the little differences. Will check it.

For the voice tracks, you can set up default DSP effects to be applied to every recording, in the config app. In particular, there is a “normalize” effect, with an adjustable target level.

Thanx Torben, i look into that!

I looked into it but normalizing at minus 3 wasn’t what i searched. The meaning was to lock the faders in the voicetrack at minus 3(see picture) with as the result the second picture. Is that possible?

voicetrack 2 (Small).jpg

Voicetrack 3 (Small).jpg

No built-in solution… But you can try with the following script:

procedure OnVTOn;
  ExecuteCommand('VT PLAYER A VOLUME -3');
  ExecuteCommand('VT PLAYER B VOLUME -3');

Save as *.mls and register as a background script in the config.

When I read the script I understand it but…it isn’t working. No problem, i do it manual for each voicetrack. Maybe is a fader-memory in VT something for on the wishlist? It isn’t realy a problem right now…I found out that you can adjust the levels of the decks with the mouse during recording the voicetrack!

A bit new on Mairlist but…I keep discovering!!!

Script worked for me when I testet it…

You could also use a MIDI controller or something like that.