Adding Panes to File Tagging module

The recent posts have interested me in exploring the file tagging module. Currently, I see a single explorer window on the left side, which is my desktop. I can’t find a way to add the database ‘tree.’
Is it possible to add/configure additional panes, such as database, similiar to the customization of the browser?

I’ve looked at the Config Utility as well as various posts and Wiki, but this issue doesn’t seem to be addressed (at least not that I can find :).

Thank You and Kindest Regards, Alec M

I might be mistaken, but aren’t there - in v3.1 - the usual Add/Close/Refresh buttons in the toolbar above the window? Unless you have turned them off in skin.ini of course. (What you see in mAirListTag is actually the same browser object as in the main GUI, using the same config an skin.)

Cad has posted some suggestions recently:,4670.0.html

I haven’t had the time to comment on that post though.


Thank you! Yes, I do have the buttons hidden in skin.ini. I didn’t realize that they are the same. All is great now!

Thank you again!

Best Regards, Alec M

Based on Cad’s statement (earlier post) and my observations, it appears that you can’t save the additional panes. Please, is this correct? I’ve deleted the Desktop pane and added Database and Database Search panes, but I can’t find a way to save the layout. Each time I close and then open mAirListTag, only the Desktop pane exists. I’ve tried various Saves from mAirList playout.

Thank you

Kindest Regards, Alec M

Yes, that was part of Cad’s suggestions.

Very Good.

Thank you Torben. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Kindest Regards, Alec M

Correct, but I think you may be missing the point. mAirListTag is principally intended for tagging files in folders, then saving the info. either in the files’ own internal tags or (better IMHO) in MMD (Metadata) files. Note that you CAN save your most commonly-used ‘new files’ folders so you don’t need to navigate to them every time, but NOT in mAirListTag: you need to specify them as Quick Folders (open Config, then click GUI, Browser; then specify them in the Quick Folders list). Yes, this will also put them in the main mAirList Browser’s menu, but it’s the best workaround currently.

If you want to tag files in the database, you can do that directly in mAirListDB. Double-click any file and you get its Properties page; click the PFL tab and it’s the same thing as the mAirListTag right-hand pane.

You can use the Database button in mAirListTag to save changes to the database, but this only works if the file already exists in the database. In other words: clicking Database in mAirListTag will NOT create an entry for a file in mAirListDB if the file doesn’t already have an entry in mAirListDB. (Does that make sense?)



Yes, I was looking at the use of mAirListTag incorrectly. I had already added my files to the database with Auto Cue enabled and was looking to add additional markers: Ramp and Outro.

I now understand what you’re saying about the “proper” use of mAirListTag. This module is mostly used for tagging the actual files stored on the HD or adding MMD files, not to modify existing database entries. The latter was what I was attempting to do, but I see there is a better way (mAirListDB).

I do see, however, that if you wish to not use Auto Cue, one could manually set everything in mAirLIstTag: open the files that exist on the HD, tag them to MMD files, close mAirListTag. Open mAirListDB and sync (Auto Cue disabled). The database will then read the MMD files. Delete MMD files or save for back-up.
All finished. Sound good so far ;)??

Thanks for the clarification. I had missed that one completely :slight_smile: !

Best Regards, Alec

Alec: bingo! :smiley:

Glad to help, as always.


Great! Thanks again Cad :)…

Kindest Regards, Alec