Adding news

For 1 and half year I volunteer for a radio station with news and thats always been a issue .
First I started with every object linkt until the first record but frequently the hole block was skipt.
No I have a container with every itum until the show opener .
Made an event that hour 2 loads at 59 min 25 seconds ( to get new news ) but frequently (yesterday something goos wrong and evrything is skipt until the second record .
What is the wright way of handeling the news , the reason I load hour 2 at 59.25 is that the container will be loaded when the last record starts in hour 1, bit now there’s no space wen something goos wrong .
How is a container loaded ? As 1 itum or evry single file in it when its needed ?


Its just a program evry week I don’t run a station that needs news evry hour.
I only do 2 hours start hour 1 news and after an hour news again and the news after me comes from the system or dj behind me.

I got pm how to run the news automated but evrything runs in assist only links between record with a jingle in between.

Hi Henk,
I only work with containers for News, not complete programs. You can overwrite the same file (e.g. news.wav) over and over again. Set the flag ‘do not prebuffer’ for this file.
While setting up the FTP-event in event scheduler, don’t forget to active all required scopes (e.g. Automation, On Air, Assist, etc.)

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Thanks ,because I didn’t get useful reply’s if tryd different setups .
The one that works the best and how I do it now is the complete time jingle ,news .advertising ,toth in a container .
That works great but if you start the last track for the full hour it loads the old news .on the end of hour 1 I pull the container out of the playlist and place it back hour59 and so far I have fresh news .
The thing that didn’t go well before ,before the container I linked the items and the first one was for some strange reason skipped the whole block was skipped :frowning:

Is there a way whith loading an event that you only load the news container and not the next playlist .
Just insert the container in the existing playlist .