Add upcoming event item to playlist


Is it possible that “upcoming event” item can be automatically inserted into the playlist?
I think this will make it visually better to see whats happening at a glance.
Zara Radio playout software has this feature.

At present “upcoming event” are seen in a little box above the playlist window.


Hi adman,

I moved this item to the feature requests. Let’s think about the idea.

First of all, we should differentiate between events that should be shown in the playlist and those where it does not make sense:
Do you want to see in the Playlist “10:50:00 Download news.mp3 from Server”?

Next: Is “Create playlist for the next hour” really a useful information - or is it too much?

Not quite sure: Uli

Thanks for getting back to me.

My suggestion is simply to automatically insert an event start marker in the playlist say 5 minutes before the event start.

This means that the currently playing item(s) will count down to the start of the event.
So event start marker will be in the playlist and its start time can be clearly seen.

The event mark could say Create playlist for the next hour OR ‘AudioFileName.mp3’.

Hope that is a bit clearer.

Hi Adman, that is basically a good idea to have more visual feedback.

How would you handle pre-recorded shows? Now if we have a pre-recorded show, all events still happen in the background. If I now have the event triggered from the playlist instead, that event will either not start, because the file is still playing or if we fixtime it, it will interrupt my pre-recorded show.

IMHO all events should be handled always the same way. It doesn’t make any sense to have 2 different ways that could handle events.



Hi Shorty.xs, Yes I see the point about pre-recorded shows which run in the background.

Let me tell a bit about what I do.
I only work in Assist mode. I need to schedule adverts and Top-of-the-hour idents to play at set times. By using the Event feature I can schedule this to happen.

The problem is that looking at the current active playlist, its not very clear when the event will occur because it does not include the item tobe inserted by the Event trigger.

Event function currently counts down then inserts advert/ident at scheduled start time. I would like advert/ident inserted in active playlist a few minutes before scheduled start time.


If it is used for advertisement isn’t that more a task for the overall scheduling. Like inserting the Ads in Playlist planning?
That way you will have it in the Playlist as soon as it is loaded.

Thanks Shorty.xs.

Problem is “Hard Fixed Time” start does not work in Assist mode. That’s why I use Events.

Key thing is to have the advert/ident Event automatically start at scheduled time with visual indication(possibly countdown) within the active playlist.