Activate cart for buttonstart

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Sorry for asking so many questions, but my needs for my homestudio were very different from those for the local radio station I work at. Currently we are investigating if mAirlist could be something for us.

In our current playout system, we have a cartwall aswell. In this cartwall, it is possible to activate a jingle on the cartwall for buttonstart. This means: clicking on the jingle does not immediately play the jingle, but puts the jingle under the start button of our mixer (D&R Axum on a Velleman kit). When pressed the start button, the jingle starts playing. Is there such a function in mAirlist too?

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The function is not there but sounds great so +1 for the wisch list :wink:

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sorry for revitalizing this old thread, but what Riccardo has asked for is exactly the function I am looking for, too. This behaviour reflects the functionality of the On-Air-Assist’s jingle buttons in d’accord Broadcating Suite and is the only reasonable way to operate a cartwall via Faderstart.

Handling would be like such: First click on the Element (or pressing the appropriate button on the keyboard once) –-> element colour changes to red (or else) –-> element is armed. Opening the fader starts playout. Second click (or button pressed) on the armed element starts playout as well. If a console with motor fader were used, the second click would open the respective fader.

Opening the fader without having activated an element before –-> nothing happens. It could be considered that in this condition an element would be played out on the first click/button.

All that to be selected in coniguration menu.

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This treat is a year old now, a year ago I liked the idee but I use a even better solution now.
I made 3 jingle player’s the all have a little playlist just pull the jingle in the cart and then you can fire it whit the button.
And there are more options say you have a caller and he/she can pick song a or b. You placed the songs a and b in cart 1 and 2 after the choose you hit 1or 2

Thank you, Henk, for your answer, but I do not quite see what the age of the thread has to do with the problem itself. If you have found a workaround that suits your needs since, fine. For my part, it doesn‘t. So I should still appreciate some functionality like described above.

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The only thing that age has to do I am not waiting more as a year that it maybe will added in mairlist.
My thought is if Torben would think he could make some money it was already implanted.

Ah, I see. (Sorry, missed your answer.) But as now*, it seems to have been implemented in the latest snapshots.

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  • which means “Stand jetzt”, for all the german-speaking readers in the middle of the republic.


Now, that we have those much appreciated [tt]CARTWALL n SELECTED[/tt]-Commands (thank you!!), is there (or will there be) a skin.ini-setting like [tt]SelectedPlayerColor[/tt], too?

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