Access violation when accessing database (local)

I’m getting two messages:

“Invalid station ID: 1. Please check configuration.”

“Access violation at address 00802F9C in module ‘mAirList.exe’. Read of address 000000000.”

This happens when the database scheme isn’t up to date. After upgrading it using the Configuration tool it works fine again.

The access violation message box can’t be closed by the way… it opens again and again. Only killing the mAirList process works.

(Tried to put this into the bug tracker, but my account isn’t activated yet…)

Yes, I noticed that myself this morning. The problem is that the database main window is showing even though the database connection is not ready due to the invalid station. It’s merely a Delphi issue, not handling the exception correctly.

I have changed the code, and now the message should only appear once, not opening the main window at all.

The latest snapshot is b1124, now available for download.