AAC+ V2 Stream Problem


Im streaming one stream for mobile apps in 64 kbps AAC+ Im using costume setup and with this string
enc_aacPlus.exe - - --br 128000 --high --rawpcm 44100 2 16

It seams some people are having problems listening to it and others can. My Question is if anyone have try any other new encoder for streaming in AAC+ V2

Yes, I found a similar issue, it’s the --high that seemed to cause a problem for me. Not to mention that string of yours is for a 128kbps not 64.

This is what I use for my AAC+ stream, and it sounds very similar in quality to the 128 MP3 stream I also have:

enc_aacPlus.exe - - --br 48000 --he --silent --rawpcm 44100 2 16

For Audio format, select Custom and use: audio/aacp

That works for me. Even listeners in Brazil have no problems.

Late to correct you Matt :slight_smile:

But you didnt told you used a stream for 48KBs aac :wink: but i have tested abit and the High seems to work down to 96kbs but then you need he is used.

This comment is only to correct some things that might be untold elsewhere :wink:

/kind regards

? Mine’s running at 48 according to Shoutcast server “HE-AAC @ 48 kbps, 22.05 kHz”.

I had issues running it higher bitrates, around 192 using the --high setting, as it becomes unusable by some players. So I use AAC to serve a mobile friendly stream, as it sounds almost as good as 128 Kbps, within reason.