AAC+ Stream Encoder

Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone knows if its possible to enable AAC+ Streaming in Mairlist, and or use another sort of solution to do it?

Preferably a free solution?

Any ideas?

As far as I know Torben needs a command line based Encoder, similar to Lame.exe. I’m not aware, that such exist.

The only way I got it to work on a test last year was as follows:-

I downloaded a test version of the Breakaway Broadcast audio processor. It installs what it calls pipelines. I downloaded Edcast (not so easy to find now, but findable).

mAirlist output to Pipeline. Breakaway processed the audio. Pipeline audio output the fed Edcast. My tests seemed stable. Never put it into production.

However I agree, I would love to see a native AAC+ encoder working the same way.

The official AAC encoder can only encode into a file, not back to stdout to send the output to a stream.

There exists a command-line encoder that is based on the Winamp AAC+ plugin which could be used. I haven’t tried it though.

Hi Streamer,

I do actually use Breakaway Broadcast ASIO and that could be a possibility. Do you know where you can find edcast these days? I’ve had a hunt but came out unsuccessful.

Or Torben, any idea on what the Command Line Encoder is called?


Edcast is now here: http://code.google.com/p/edcast-reborn/

The AAC encoder is enc_aacPlus.exe - and written by some sort of competitor of mine, if I’m not mistaken :wink:

I will have to add support for it though, so it won’t work at this time.

Hi Torben,

Thanks for this. Have had a bit of a play but the main thing I don’t like about edcast is you can’t adjust the bitrate when it comes to encoding AAC+. The only option is 128kbps AAC. Ideally I’d like differn’t streams eg. 24kbps, 48kbps etc…

Yup, looks like AAC+ has vanished from Edcast. That’s a shame.

Probably the patent issue…

I’ve got it working with




If anyone wants it, email me sales@lfmproductions.com

Nice one, Ethan! I’m sure that some other mAirList users will find that useful.


How did you get it working Ethan? Has AAC+ support made it into mAirList?

I’m considering launching a SHOUTcast AAC+ server for mobile streams, around 64Kbps, so it would be useful.