4.1: Voice Track License

Hello Torben,

Is there gonna be a special license for voice track only? I would like to have a small seperate studio for voice tracking only, so I don’t need any other features.


I plan to offer a paid option to a Management license, so you get mAirListDB access plus VT, with the option to save the tracks directly into the DB playlist.

Is that what you need?

Yes please.


Do you have any indication about the costs of this license which can be used to record voicetracks? We have a couple of people who record their voicetracks at home. Within our current automationpackage it’s a freeware application people can use. I wouldn’t mind to pay something for a separate application for those guys, but it has to be affordable for us, if we want to go and use mAirlist.


I think we should discuss that by e-mail. Just drop me a line.

That’s exactly what I mean, I will drop you a mail for a cost indication :slight_smile:

Done… thank you :slight_smile: