4.1 slow reaction

Hi Torben

We are live @ the moment witrh Mairlist 4.1 in the studio at the moment a couple of remarks

Studio PC

windows 7 64 bit
quad core processor

Problems are .

Player A and B are haning sometimes. Takes while to load new mp3
Mairlist freezes couple of times while loading files

Database jingles from server in Datacentre (no problems loading this time)
Music played local . While putting in the playlsit the players freezes for a couple of seconds

If you need a bug report inform me



V4.1 is still in alpha stage, and I believe Torben has stated it is not ready for live production work yet. My advice would be to go back to 4.0 and wait at least until the beta of 4.1


i have the same problem .

I know that of course. Just wanted to let you know what my findings where this morning. Looking realy good, good progress also with the VU meters !

I hope he can fix this. On the server we are running the 4.0. Live programmes are only in the weekend 4 hours 2 times a day. From my home studio.



ok, my mis-confusion … :-[ (is that even a word?)