4.1 Build 1426: Database playlist editor does not remember volume envelopes

4.1: Database playlist editor does not remember volume envelopes

Hi Torben,

This problem is back… to reproduce:

  • Create playlist in playlist editor
  • Add some volume envelopes (using the Mix Editor)
  • Save playlist
  • Load another hour
  • Load previously saved playlist again


  • All volume envelopes are gone.

Expected result:

  • Playlist should look like it did when I clicked “save”

In my case I added volume envelope between non-database MP3 files and the previous and next tracks. The little indicator icon the the left does not change colour when closing the mix editor…



Apparently the “modified” flag works fine when using the voice tracking module to create a volume envelope (via volume sliders while recording).

When I load pre-recorded voicetracks into the playlist and use the mix editor though, the playlist editor fails to change the flag.

Fixed in b1427.

Please note that the Mix Editor will not keep track of which item has actually changed and which hasn’t. It will simply set the “orange dot” flag on all involved items if any change was made to any item.

Thanks Torben.

That’s fine as long as it remembers that there was a change somewhere :slight_smile:


Torben, could you please check the latest build you have just uploaded? Windows metadata identifies it as b1426, build date 11th of March… and the problem is not fixed in that version. Perhaps you uploaded build 1426 a second time by mistake?

Something was wrong with the upload script. Build 1428 is now online.