3CR _ Melbourne - Library PlayList Scrolling

Hi Torben and Crew,

At 3CR we use mAirList 6 with 24 hour PlayLists. They can end up with a large number of items.

These daily PlayLists are much larger than the Library window will allow, so manual scrolling is required. But we find scrolling also happens whenever a new item is dragged in from above or below. If you already have the insert point visible, dragging in a new item usually results in the insert point disappearing. Dragging in from the side can still cause a scroll if the mouse goes too close to the PlayList top or bottom. Our staff find this very frustrating.

We haven’t found an mAirList config setting that can stop that unwanted scrolling. But we are prepared to try a workaround by way of a Windows message or a hook / trap that might resolve the problem. We do have some experience with this type of exercise with Delphi and PowerShell.

We’d really appreciate any information you could provide about you implement that drag & drop scrolling. We may then be able to come with a resolution.


Greg Segal