3.x still supported?

Now that the beta of v4 has been out for a week or three, it seems a good time to ask here about continuing support for v3. :wink: Especially since I simply don’t have any time to even try v4 at the moment.

I assume that any bugs which anyone finds in v3 will still be corrected for the moment: yes?

I also assume that at some point when v4 is fully debugged and tested by the community, and becomes the ‘standard’ version of mAirList, that support for v3 will end: right or wrong? If ‘right,’ then it would be good to have some idea of when that might happen. Especially as our station are only just about to start using v3 for live assist (after a LOT of persuasion from yours truly). I think they would have a pretty major sense of humour failure if I said to them in (say) two or three months: ‘…and now we can move up to the new version: v4!’ :-\


Well, it depends on what you mean by “support”.

Bug fixes: At least within the warranty period, which is one year for business customers and two years for personal users.

New features: Only if it’s small changes that can be made with minimum effort. Major new features go into the new version family, of course.

Answering questions: Free support is only through the forum anyway, so as long as you find someone to answer your question here, you will receive a reply :wink: I myself plan to continue to answer questions at least as long as there are still bug fixes released (see above). However, be prepared that the answer will be “doesn’t work in v3, upgrade to v4” frequently.