2 playlists and 4 players


I use 2 playlists, one for the on-air playlist and a second to occasionally record our off-air shows.
Each playlist has 2 players.

How does the “Use separate tabs for playlists” option work? I checked it but the playlists are still side by side.

Is it possible to display only the players of the selected playlist?

  • when Player0_0 is selected, display only players 0_0 and 0_1.
  • when Player1_0 is selected, display only players 1_0 and 1_1 on top of the others, to always have only 2 players on the screen.

This would save screen space rather than having 2 playlists and 4 players side by side.
When recording a show, it is not necessary to keep an eye on the on-air playlist.

Thank you for your answers.


After multiple attempts, I actually still can’t get the “separate tabs for playlists” option to work.
Does anyone know how to make it work on version 7.1.1 Build 5206 ?

Thank you

What did you attempt to show the playlist in tabs?

Maybe a screenshot of your settings would be helpful.

I just tested it in mAirlist 7.1.* and it looks like intended:

Bildschirm­foto 2022-12-21 um 11.40.37

I was only using the “Layout Designer” and I was seeing 2 separate playlists, I hadn’t thought I had to launch mAirList to see the playlist tabs. Thank you for your help.

Do you know if it is possible to hide players based on the selected playlist tab?

For example, with 2 playlists and 2 players per playlist :

  • If Playlist 1 tab is selected, only Player0_0 and Player0_1 are displayed
  • If Playlist 2 tab is selected, only Player1_0 and Player1_1 are displayed

Whatever the open playlist tab, only 2 players are visible, the other 2 are hidden.

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