2 Hour how to hanlde?

I use an event which fires every hour after news at 2 minutes past every hour, Its fine if I can spit pre recorded shows into 1 hour parts.

Problem is I’ve got a new show starting that’s two hours long cant I split. This show will be run when no one is in to baby sit. If I leave the system on Auto it will dump the show and fire the next hours event.

Since its one two hour long file, What I need to do if possible. Is run the show after news as normal, Show is left running for the two hours, then runs auto after as normal all without a human

Kind regards

I assume you have the following:

  • using mAirListDB for scheduling

  • each hour starts with a “Start of hour” item and ends with an “End of hour” item, each set with a fixed time (00:00:00 and 01:00:00 respectively)

Recipe to schedule multi-hour content:


  • In the hourly event that reloads the playlist at the TOTH, make sure you use the “Append database playlist” action instead of “Load and play database playlist” - the fixed times of the start of hour marker will take care of the actual start.

(- Optionally, change the event so that it runs a few minutes before the TOTH; don’t forget to check “Load playlist of next hour” in the action settings in this case.)

Scheduling of the two-hour file in mAirListDB playlist editor:

  • Add recording to first hour
  • Remove end of hour marker from first hour!
  • Remove start of hour marker from second hour!

Result: File will start playing at beginning of first hour. At the beginning of the second hour, the hourly event will append the next playlist, but will not switch over to its first item, as there are no fixed time items around the TOTH anymore (you removed the markers).

There’s been so much going on, it took me awhile to look at this. It worked, you rescued me.

Wanted to say thanks