2.2 Not Recognising License

Hey Guys,

Yes I’m Old! I havent updated to 2.2 since it was out of beta. Since then my license isnt working.

Torben, It’s Morley Community Radio I think it’s registered under. Maybe you can help? I have put it wrong? Its sat in the mAirlist directory?

You have to move the license.ini file to the “config” folder.

If it’s still not recognized, the license information for v2.2 might be missing. You can verify this by opening license.ini in Notepad. It should have a section named “[Version 2]” or “[Version 2.1]”. If it has not, let the license system send you an updated license.ini: http://www.mairlist.com/en/license/mail.php

Sorted, Cheers!