2.1.44 Build 490- Players don't play except 3


I have copied over layout files, skins and what not to another computer whcih we use as play-out. Strangeley, every time we start up the program and drag a file over to play on player 1, it will not play at all, it loads but doesn’t play. Same if i attempt on player 2, it will not play (and these can all be different audio files), then i drag onto my third player, which plays! After player 3 has started playing, the rest will begin too and then be fine after that.

I hope that makes sense.

It works fine on the laptop (which strangely is Vista Home Premium!), but does not work on a desktop PC, which runs XP Pro SP2. I copied the config files directly over too (the essential ones after designing primarily on my Vista laptop, suhc as skin, layout etc.)


Perhaps the sound device settings do not match between computers ?

Go into mAirListConfig on the 2nd PC and re-define all the sound outputs… However, as it’s a laptop - chances are it was all set for Device0 which is the default, so it should work on a PC with multiple outputs.

We have configured the aounds properly for our console and our audio outputs, they work great. It’s not that we can’t hear sound, it’s that when you click play it physically doesn’t do anything, no duration countding down etc i.e. nothing happens until the 3rd player is played (which works) and then the rest work after that.


Hmm… attach your mairlist.ini file and I’ll have a look.

Works fine on good 'ol Vista! :wink: :-\

mAirList.ini (8.7 KB)

Works fine here on XP SP2 with an SB Audigy (I have a Realtek onboard as a 2nd device). The Player options seem to match with each other - I clicked the Play button on Player1 and it played.

You seem to have


in Playlist 1. I believe this is the config. option for a Playlist: Use single player in Automation mode.

Try turning that option off using mAirList Config on the ‘problem’ PC, and let us know whether or not it fixes the problem.


Very strange.

Next time i’m in the studio, which i think is next Tuesday, i will test it and have a fiddle and maybe post from there and see what happens. And just for your information, we are using an M-Audio Delta 44 as our outputs (soon to be two of them once our order goes through).


I’ve tried doing what you said Cad, but unfortunately it is still having the same problem in the studio.

Really strange. If i try to play something on PLAYER0_0, then it recognises it is playing, as when attempting to exit, the “one player is playing” pop up box appears.


EDIT- Seems like a problem with our soundcard config which mAirList doesn’t like. At the moment we have-

Player 0- MAudio Delta 44 OUT 1-2
Player 1- MAudio Delta 44 OUT 3-4
Player 2- (awaiting soundcard)

If i set Player 0 to play, it doesn’t play, but then i start something playing in Player 1 at the same time, then suddenly Player 0 plays. Weird!


Do the two output pairs of the Delta 44 show up as distinct devices? Or do you select them with the “speakers” setting in mAirListConfig?

I used the mAirList configuration program and they come up as “M-Audio Delta 44 1/2” and also “3/4” (Stereo)

Try the solution from this thread: http://forum.mairlist.com/index.php/topic,1941.0.html

Interesting - the Delta drivers (I use a 410 card) are quite hit and miss. Certainly back in 2004 under Windows 2000 I had a few problems when using the AudioEnhanceDPS software. The main issue was when stopping a player and starting another - a single “blip” of audio from the stopped track would appear at the start of the 2nd track. So starting and stopping players became a nightmare - to ensure a click-free start, you had to stop the player during silence.

Thanks very mcuh Torben. When i’m back in the studio tomorrow morning i’ll give the solutions a go.

It seems like a common problem with Delta (especially 44) audio cards.

and Charlie i don’t think i’ve experienced that before. Very odd these Deltas! At the moment we have XP proffesional/ (legacy? :s …something like that)

Thanks. Ryan.

Hi Ryan, I had a related problem tonight with a soundblaster 7.1 card. The same sound come from all outs on each player (we use 3).

Fixed by using the ASIO driver option. Might be worth a try.

Kind Regards Tony

btw:using the latest version/build of mAirList

Thanks very much.

I’ll have a play around with i tomorrow to do what was said in the other topic within the ‘M-Audio Delta’ config and get back to you all.

Apologies Torben for thinking it was a fault with the almighty mAirList! haha! But really, it’s great :smiley:


You should avoid to use ASIO whenever possible. It does work, but as BASS.DLL is originally designed for WDM and the ASIO option is only an add-on, it involves some major drawbacks, in particular higher latency.

For SoundBlaster cards, try to disable BASS_SAMPLE_FLOAT first. This cures the “plays on all channels” problem in most cases.

Right! I’ve done what was said to go into the soundcard control panel of the Delta 44 …and it worked!

Thanks very much Torben for that link. Very helpful.

Appreciated. Ryan.

Thanks Torben, I will give that a try next week as I’m away until then.

Kind regards Tony


Worked a treat ,many thanks Torben.

Just to add, I often find the same thing with the M-Audio Delta 1010 at the studio…

(Actually, 2.0.11 doesn’t suffer from the problem with that sound card - stopped me upgrading for a few weeks until I worked out what it was which got the players going.) :wink: