2.1.38 Window-Eyes dosn't read playlist

did you make any changes in to playlist part of mairlist window? I downloaded a new version of mairlist, replaced a mairlist.exe file, and when i am pressing a cursor keys on the playlist, I didn’t hear anytthing. When I restored my mairlist.exe from 2.1.37, all works fine. Any suggestions?

What do you mean by “pressing cursor key, I don’t hear anything”? Have you assigned special commands to the cursor keys?

What do you mean by "pressing cursor key, I don't hear anything"?
When i'am in playlist, by pressing cursor up and cursor down keys i am moving between tracks on it. So, my Screen Reader reads me currently selected track. In the previous version all works fine, in this not, and I dont know, why. If you wand experience it by yourself, I can give you a link to functional coppy of my screenreading software, and set files for mairlist I did.

Oh, ok, you meant the readout from your software.

Well, perhaps I should download and install it.