2.1.31: Playlists: headers and alignments

The following are suggestions on which I would welcome comments from other users, because both are to some extent a matter of personal taste. :slight_smile:

  1. In Playlist headers, the caption Duration looks rather ugly when the column is ‘shrunk’ to a sensible size; it usually ends up as Du… or D…. Could this column’s header caption perhaps be changed to Dur or maybe Len (short for Length) so that it does not truncate? Obviously this is not a problem if you do not display headers in Playlists! :wink:

  2. The Time (backtiming) column is aligned centre, but the Duration and Ramp columns seem to be aligned right, which does not look good IMHO. Could these two columns be changed to also be aligned centre? Or do you think column alignments should perhaps be another skin.ini setting?

All comments and counter-arguments welcome. :slight_smile: