2.1.31: Option to change Playlist grid line style

In a Playlist, we can already change the colour of grid lines (the horizontal lines which separate the items), but the line style is dotted (look closely at those lines if you don’t believe me) and I would like to be able to display them as solid lines.

I don’t know whether this would be better as a new skin.ini setting to allow all the line styles available in Virtual Treeview to be specified; or a simple checkbox in the Playlistn nodes of Configuration (named something like Solid grid lines perhaps?), because I don’t know how many line styles are possible. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


Available from v2.1.39:


Something i’ve thought for a while just never thought id ask!!!

Im presuming that this request is as simple as the line one,

is it possible to adjust the colour of the line and also the thickness of the line? e.g. in Word and similar progs you can adjust table and border lines, is this possible?

You can adjust the color (using “GridLineColor”), but I think that you cannot adjust the width.