2.1.21 PFL/tagging buttons not working

Hi Torben.

The reset “0” button in the extra PFL on the markers aren’t all working. Also in the extra PFL, the test button doesn’t work on the fade out marker every time. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. If I click on the “0” to reset the PFL player then the test button on the fade out marker jumps to the start of the song not the fade out marker point etc…

In the file tagger the test buttons are all okay, but the “0” buttons in the tagger isn’t working either. When clicking on the+/- buttons beside the marker time, the new marker time blurs with the old time rather than replacing it in both the extra PFL and file tagger.


It appears the PFL is flashing before EOF when this option is disabled aswell.


I found situations (not sure if PFL or Extra-PFL) when there is already a Cue/Ramp/… Time defined and you change it, that the first time is not cleared from the screen but remains underneath the changed time…


Christoph, that should be fixed in the latest versions v.22 and v.23.

just installed it. Thank you!