2.0.11: STANDARD.MLD does not auto-load at startup

I’ve saved a Desktop file as STANDARD.MLD (and, for the record, as STANDARD.MLT) with my preferred Browser setup in it, but this does not seem to auto-load with mAirList.

The MLD can be Opened manually AOK, it just doesn’t load at startup.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

Thanks in advance.


First of all, it needs to be .ml[t], because it’s the default template which gets loaded at startup.

Second, are you sure that the list of open browsers was saved to that file? You can switch it on or off in the config, separately for .mld and .mlt.


I’m fairly sure that my STANDARD.MLT file was saved with the correct checkboxes set in Configuration (I will double-check later), and I will also check the internal content of the file. It may yet be the case that the ‘save in .mlt file’ checkbox is not working—I will check that later as well.

Can I double-check that the STANDARD.MLT file should be in the mAirList program directory?

Do any entries in the [Directories] section of MAIRLIST.INI affect this or is it the case that a STANDARD.MLT file placed in the mAirList program directory is always the one which mAirList will be looking for at startup?


Yes, it must be placed into the mAirList program directory. The “DefaultDirectories” section in mAirList.ini only affects the “open file” dialogs.

Just open the .mlt file in Notepad and see if it contains the browser section. If unsure, please send me a copy of your file and I will check it for you.


I’ve been a complete idiot.

Despite me being SURE that I had saved the STANDARD.MLT file in the mAirList program directory, it was actually in the My Documents\mAirList directory.

Moving it to the mAirList program directory had the expected effect (i.e. it all works fine now).

Sorry for any worry caused by this false alarm.

“I’ll get me coat*,” as we say in our country …

  • a catchphrase from BBC comedy The Fast Show, used by one of the characters as a punchline immediately after he confidently says/does something which leaves all around him in an embarrassed silence, usually because what he’s just said makes it clear that he hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about.