1262 Freezes

Hi Torben

1262 freezes a lot . Everytime i start up mairlist for the firsttime or database . Mairlist freezes for a couple of minutes. The music continues playing. Wanted to know if this will be a problem also for the encoder . Or will the encorde continuing with encoding. So our listners do not hear is silence.

If you need a bug report … Please respond



Is the database accessed over your VPN connection?

No it is not . Just localy…


It happens when you drag mp3 file in to the playlist player or jingle player


And the files are also located on the local hard disk?

Jeps … I did that because we had this issue before… In earlier editions


Then send a bug report please (in case you see the “Application seems to be frozen” message).

Sended bug report via e-mail


The bug report you sent is absolutely useless because you generated it manually from the menu during a non-frozen situation.

I need the one from the “The application seems to be frozen” window.

Thats the problem i did have this moning when i wanted to generate the bug report it would not send the email…


Then just wait until it happens again.

The bug report that you create manually through the menu won’t help.

The strange thing is that it happens only when we start up mairlist. Only the first record placing in the playlist , will freezes mairlist.
I was not be able to create a bug report because mairlist did not allowed to do this.