1.5.56: Display problems with NEXT in Playlist column one

Since mAirList started showing b[/b] in column one of a Playlist, there are display problems depending on the font used. Font size does not seem to matter (see below): it seems to depend only on the specific font, and seems strangely similar to the Title/Artist font bug described in this thread: http://forum.mairlist.de/viewtopic.php?t=830.

All of the fonts are standard Windows ones from Microsoft, so it is not a problem caused by a ‘bad’ or ‘weirdo’ font. Some fonts work fine, others do not; and it is difficult to predict which.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is the problem:

Verdana font (size 9)

Verdana font (size 7)

Arial Black font (I predicted this font would ‘fail’ but it didn’t!)

Georgia font
(A slightly different but probably related problem with number descenders: look at the 3)

Sorry to have to report this so close to 2.0 release, but it does need to be fixed.


Indeed, the same effect as with the Title/Artist column back then. And actually, the same solution :slight_smile: This one was easy …


actually, the same solution :slight_smile: This one was easy …

I was hoping that was the case! Thanks again.