1.5.53: Played Items bug

A track is drag-and-dropped into the end of a Playlist which has several items in it. The drag-and-dropped item is then selected, right-clicked, and Deleted before it is ever loaded into a Player.

Although the item has never been played, and has never been loaded into a Player, it still appears in the Played Items list. Although the Time column in Played Items is blank, I think this is still very confusing and misleading to the user.


Well, when the “Played Items” list was still called “Repository”, it was meant as some sort of “recycle bin” like container where all - manually and automatically - deleted items were kept.

Now its name has changed to “Played Items”, this behavior is in fact confusing. Perhaps we need to establish another browser for the deleted items. For the moment, just keep in mind that “blank time” means “manually deleted”.


Crikey! That was a fast reply!

All understood: I just wondered if you had noticed this behaviour. :slight_smile:

OK, now I will return to and concentrate on this week’s new episode of Torchwood on BBC3, which is on my TV over in the other corner.

“Good night and good luck,” as Ed Murrow used to say. :slight_smile:


The fastest reply in history was probably the one to this bug report - with a new version available 13 minutes later :slight_smile: