1.5.53: MLP bug and Automation bug

1: MLP files saved from a Playlist incorrectly contain a element and a element block. These files cause an invalid class error when Loaded, Opened, or Appended. If all these elements are manually removed, the MLP files work correctly.

2: While the LAST item in a Playlist is ON AIR in AUTO mode, clicking NEXT fades the track but leaves Automation in PLAY mode despite the Playlist now being ‘empty’ (!).

Apologies in advance if these are fixed in 1.5.54, which I will try tomorrow (it’s rather late this morning… :slight_smile: ).


  1. Thanks. Will be fixed in 1.5.55.

  2. This is by intention. Even when the playlist runs empty, the playback control assumes that it is supposed to be playing. So it will be sitting there, waiting for new items to be added (manually or through an event) and playing them right away.

Consider this a protection against accidental abort of playback during unattended automated operation. The playback control will never change its state (playing or not playing) by itself unless explicitly requested by the user or a script or a break point inside the playlist. So even when your playlist runs empty at :59:30, the :00:00 “load playlist” event will make the automation play again without having to issue another “AutomationPlay” command.


Thanks, Torben.

I wasn’t sure whether that was ‘by design’ or not; now I know!