1.5.47: %u logging does not work

I’ve set up some user defined data/properties fields and checked that they exist in the MMD file.

Unfortunately the logging does not work as described. :frowning: I have checked that I am using the correct names and {} braces.

The logging file contains nothing where this data should be (not even spaces!).


Can you please post the contents of the MMD and your logging statement?


Certainly! Here’s the MMD contents:[code]
Will Young

Leave Right Now 2120568480 108587981 1859863718 2047259637 1164773842 Track 1 CatNum BMG 51023 Label BMG Year 2003 Album Leave Right Now C:\Audio\Music MP3s\Will Young - Leave Right Now.mp3 [/code](NOTE: the CD details above were 'made up' for testing and are NOT the correct cat. number etc.!) The User fields were added to the MMD by using the right-click Properties dialog from a Playlist—and as you can see, that all worked fine.

Here are the log format strings:
START Log file format string:
%h:%m:%s %D-%M-%Y%tSTART%t%1%t%a - %b%t%t%u{Album}%t%u{Label}%t%u{CatNum}%t%u{Track}%t%u{Year}
STOP Log file format string:
%h:%m:%s %D-%M-%Y%tSTOP%t%1%t%a - %b%t%e%t%u{Album}%t%u{Label}%t%u{CatNum}%t%u{Track}%t%u{Year}

Everything before the %us works fine. Even the seconds broadcast (%e) comes out correctly…but the user fields don’t.


I cannot check this in this very moment, as I’m at the office and I only have Linux here, but I suspect an issue with the regular expressions I’m using. Does it work when you only have one single %u statement inside the log format line?


Fixed in 1.5.48.