1/10s Time Displays should use decimal point

The Subject almost says it all, really.

When times display tenths of a second, they should use a decimal point between the seconds and the tenths, instead of a colon. This change should be made everywhere in mAirList, including Players, Cartwall players, PFL dialogs, Extra PFL Player, etc.

That is, times should be shown as (for example):

(with a new Miscellaneous configuration option
to show this as -0:20,4 instead :wink: )

instead of:


as at present.

It’s surprising how confusing the ‘colon version’ looks when you are using other software at the same time as mAirList!

Thanks in advance.

PS: To those who don’t already know, the UK and US standard is to use . as a decimal point character; in most European countries, the standard is , as decimal point character (cf. Windows Regional settings).


Corrected in v.42, thanks for the hint.


Excellent stuff, Torben. Thanks again.