ZipStream R1

does anybody here knows how to parse the now playing information to a Zipstream R1?
What kind of XML or TXT do you use to send the now playing information to the streamer?

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In configuration, active log to TCP to IP-address of your ZIP-stream, port 9000, use template %a - %b.
At the tab ‘Filter’, only select ‘music’ to only send the metadata of songs to your Zipstream.

In your ZipStream, go to the menu ‘Metadata’ and select ‘RadioDJ’. Maybe profile ‘Passtrough’ will work as well.

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I think this is the solution for the version 6 (correct me if I’m wrong).
Did find the work around for 5.3.
→ export song info to a text file (same as discribed in the screenshots above)
→ use the software WATCH FILE 2 TCP (link in the Zipstream manual)
→ in the Zipstream, go to the menu “Metadata” and select “RAdioDJ”
→ Input code “ANSI”
→ Output code “NONE”.

A big Thank You! to marckxz for the help.

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