Several times I read about the attribute “Year” on this forum. Mentioned in several threads.

I have researched multiple options but can not find where to add this attribute to the songs in the database. Can this be done in the Configuration App? Or anywhere else?

mAirList version 6.1 build 3903.

Hi Adriaan,

You have to set this attribute yourself in the Config App -> Miscellaneous -> Standard Atrributes -> Add -> Name=Year, Kind=Single-line Text Field.

Good Luck!


Thanks, Lukeman. I performed the action.

Is this year-attribute visible anywhere else except from tab “attributes”? Would like to have this year-attribute as a standard text field on tab general.

I am now using the “comments” section to register the year, in this way it is visible in the playlist as well. See screenshot, yellow highlight.


Hi Adriaan,

let me help you from my german point of view.

1.) No, as far as I can see. 2.) Imho, only Torben can change this. He knows if it’s easy to perform and if it makes sense for the majority of the users.

Please take look at my screenshots with yellow highlights (german release, however):

[ol][li]Config > Playlists > Playlist [n] > Columns (“Spalten” in german) > add Attribute (german “Jahr” should be “year” in your case).[/li]
[li]Attribute should now be shown in your playlist window. If not, you can add it by right-click on the columns headline.[/li][/ol]

Hope that helps you and brings the expected progress.


mAirList Konfig Jahr in Playlist.jpg

mAirList Jahr in Playlist.jpg

Thank you, Uli Nobbe. I am afraid the playlist needs a restart for the changes to take effect. Will pick a favorable moment.

Restarted. Works like a charm! :slight_smile: