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I’ve just had a little look through the Wiki and made a few edits…
Added link to Regional Container page to facilitate device settings
Added further information
Corrected a small mistake and added a link to my Scheduling video
Added links to my Tagging videos
Removed spam and added link to the Scripts forum

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Added links to my Tagging videos[/quote]

I know I haven’t hit the Wiki for many months now (lack of time :-[), but seeing Tagging made me wonder: do you agree with my assertion that all Ramps should be set 400mS earlier than the ‘true’ Ramp time?

The reason I use 400mS is that it’s a good average human reaction time, and I’ve found that this ‘time to spare’ trick especially helps new presenters who have not yet perfected the skill of talking precisely up to a Ramp. Also, I think the small ‘breathing space’ works well even with Playlists created using our Voicetracking scripts, giving a very natural sound IMHO.

Hopefully I will soon have time to take a look at the Wiki again.


Interesting question… In my experience, I’ve always listened to the music as I talk-up a ramp - keeping my pace roughly in-time with the music tempo. Even when VT’ing, this technique makes the link sound “live”. One of my “tricks” is to hit the 4th beat before the vocal, giving a nice gap before the ramp ends… By your rules, I’d need to be playing tracks at 150bpm :wink:

There’s also the fade/recovery time to factor in - you do need some space between the end of the VT and the vocal to restore volume. If you want to be really scientific about it, I’d say the duration is much quicker - Probably 100-200mS. So that would have to be factored-in with regards to matching the VT end to the Ramp start when running a script. Some of us might prefer our “breathing space” as a const!

I suppose that the main thing is, if it sounds right - then it probably is…