Wiki and Logins

Although anyone can amend the Wiki without ‘logging in’ to it, using a proper Wiki login (yes it is separate from your Forum login!) makes it much more friendly. I admit I don’t always remember to log in to the Wiki myself when I make changes (!), but I think it’s more interesting and friendly to see the names of contributors instead of a ‘cold’ IP address (which is what happens without a login).

Can I politely ask that if you do contribute to the Wiki (and please do!), that you create a Wiki login and use it when you make changes? Thanks in advance.

(Look at the Recent changes page in the Wiki if what I said above doesn’t make sense.)

CAD - that’s me (unless Telewest chuck me off for any reason)… I’ve created a Wiki login now, so thanks Cad for that little pointer.

I’ve got many screenshots and layout.ini’s lurking here, so I need to upload those at some point. is me at work. Yesterday, I expected to be logged in when I edited a page, but I wasn’t, because usally I access the Wiki at, but this time I came through the forum link and ended up on Of course, both URLs point to the same site, but they don’t share their cookies.

The upload feature should also be enabled.


And is from me. I will log on in future!

I’m also an isp address ( ) that does not log-in but will from now on.