Width and Tabs of browser are not remembered

I don’t seem to be able to save the width and the Tabs of the browser in v6. When mAirlist is closed and opened again, the default width and Tab (recycle bin) is shown despite the fact that I have saved the Default Playlist. In my configuration the Browser button is not shown in the Toolbar. When the Browser button is shown, I can’t change the width of the Browser anymore.

Do you think this has changed from v5?

You got me there ;), the width part has not changed from v5 (would be nice though when the browserdimensions would be remembered).

The tabs have changed since v5. Or I am doing something wrong.
I’m adjusting the tabs, save the playlist (as well as the default playlist), close mAirlist, start mAirlist again and the tabs are gone but the recylce bin.



I’m having this issue.

I had an issue with the imported v5.3 INI file in that all I saw was the recycle bin and no way to add other windows. That turned out to be my Cartwall (above it) was covering the small toolbar for the browser.

Now that I can see those, if I add Database Search and Database Playlist, I can’t get them to stick. Even saving default playlist, they do not come back when I re-open v6.

Any thoughts?

Playlist, browsers and cartwall tabs have their own “save default” command now in the respective menus. Desktops are no more.

I read that somewhere. I’ll poke around next time I’m down in the studio. Thanks