What should I say here to get some answers to questions?

I think most of the readers my topics understand my problems with mairlist but no any answers, I still keep posting here. For rookie this is not easy program to undestand, but lets try one more time before I order ZETTA or we go back to radio.co hahah hah :slight_smile:

I wanted make program for tomorrow 7pm to 8pm. I did not have any idea how to do it so I went to database. I went to playlists first but I did not have idea how to do it, so I moved to Administration → Manage templates and I added new hourly template. I added “start hour marker” then Music one song, Specific item ( my pre recorded voice track ), music, jingle, ad block etc. After it was done I saved it.

Then back to Playlist, GENERATE And I found my template and I generated playlist on playlist window.

No idea is this good way to make program or no? I can´t find answers or I samples here - sorry.

It would be great if some body tell idiot like me what is correct way to do it, Do I need to do it in templates, or can I do it on Playlist window?

Sorry boys and girls, I m not professional so Might be stupid question for you but importaant for me.


p.s. big thanks to Stefan he always sends me private message and try to help

Well, the point is (as in almost any case) what your nneds and likes are like. If you run a programme 24/7 it were unpleasant to pick all the music content by hand. If you had a one-hour-show once a month, this approach might be the very right thing, with no database employed at all. How do you wash your car? By hand or in the car-wash? Do you vacuum the interior first or last? You see, there is no solely approved way to deal with the work.

Okay… and he can not help you or it’s not the answer you expect so that you need the help of the rest of the community?

No - just wanted to see can I get any answers like this. I got two so it works :slight_smile:

A meta-discussion, fine. Must see if this works for the German forum, too.

Not recommended.


Internally, we already have this thread in focus, especially since you didn’t tell the community some things that we know behind the scenes. This is quite irritating for us.

Even the threatening gesture of wanting to use another software doesn’t work here.
What did you want to achieve with it anyway?

We should close the discussion at this point.
Either you continue to let Stefan advise you (which is by no means meant in a bad way; I think he has already done a good job) or you let this support drop.

I’m probably not the only one who’s confused or maybe even upset here.
Please be fair, okay?

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Dear @kyosti ,
Everything starts with reading information and tutorials, which you can find here: tutorials:start [mAirList Wiki].
We all started with that.

You already created a database, now fill it with music and jingles, organize them in virtual folders and with these you can create your templates and playlists.

Best of luck.