Want to migrate mairlist db to new pc

I am using Mairlist 6.0 for our FM radio. I want to migrate DB software to a new PC. all the things like SQL , demo installation all done. but I am not getting the Folder structure that I am using now is not getting in the new PC. I did the above mentioned steps. but that time the IP Address of the old PC is showing in the new PC Database login area. if I change it to the new PC’s IP Address, the connection will be loss and the folder structure will be gone

One database is


the other login for


Is this intended?

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Yes, because if i give same db name, the old pc database is showing. But if I disconnect that pc from the network, the connection will be lost. Can i get the folder structure to the new pc ? I dont know the sql things. I just did it myself after reading the manual in mairlist website. Can you guide me through the correct steps from the beginning?

As the FM is playing Onair 24x7 I can’t disconnect the db already running.

Try entering the same database name with the new PC IP address. It is important that you have transferred the database from the old PC to the new one. Then the whole thing should work.

There is no point in leaving the old PC on just for PostgreSQL.

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I tried to take the backup of database from sql. But it failed when restore in new pc.

First things first:

Really 6.0 and not one of the latest versions? Why? Latest was 6.3.24 before v7 came out.

Now to the rescue:

The thread you quoted above is more than eleven (11!) years old and was recent for v4.

Please use this instruction:

After you successfully cloned the dB you are fully independent from the dB at the other PC.

This is just the structure of the VIRTUAL folders, set up in the database. So any time you copy/clone the database it will show these folders.

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For the clean installation of the PostgreSQL please take a look in the new FAQ:

I’ve cloned the database. But when i try to import it to the new pc there is only showing some specific .mldb files. The cloned file cannot open. I will look into the new FAQ and will back to you.
Thank you for the support.

Wait, what?

You don’t need to import any dB files if you followed the instructions here:

Then you need to copy all your music files / elements in the exact same folder hierarchy similar to the old PC.

Please follow the instructions linked above step by step - it’s no magic :wink:

And I really suggest to update to the latest v6.3.24. Or are there any reasons you can’t?

  1. Open the DB app (of the existing local mode app) and go to Database → Export → Clone database. Select MySQL as the target type, and enter IP/user/password/database as required. Cloning will copy the tables row by row, so it might take a long time. You can choose to transfer only part of the playlist history to speed up the process.

Here, which IP/User/password/database I should have to give? the new PC IP or Old one? Can u type here an EXAMPLE??? Please??

I tried the database backup steps and nownshoung this error.

Is there any solution? Or Can i give you my pc in remote, so that you can help me.

After tried a lot now i am in this position.

I did these steps. And I can connect thr db to thr playout software from the same pc that i installed the db app. But my onair pc is in another studio and I can’t login there. When i try to connect the db there it shows the same error. Please look at this image carefully.

When i trying to add the db on a second pc with the same credentials it shows error

For mAirList 6 and PostgreSQL 12+,. you have to install the newer libpq.dll and support libraries from here: https://download.mairlist.com/other/libpq10.zip

Just copy the contents into the mAirList program directory, replacing the existing files.

mAirList 7 already ships the newer versions.

Hi, I have already downloaded and copied these files. The only problem now having is , I cant connect the db to another pc having the mairlist professional studio software.

Any thing to do here???

Add the second line in the pg_hba-file with the IP of the remote PC like in the example.

# IPv4 local connections:
host    all             all               scram-sha-256
host    all             all             xxx.xx.xx.xx/32        scram-sha-256
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Thank you @Stefan_Hillen ! It has connected. But I tried to login the database to the mairlist professional studio, all went good. Logged in. But it showing “ the files can’t open”. If this can solved I can connect the db to the onair. Hope you will guide me.

Do you really have all the music/jingle files in the folder that is in your database?

Open database -> Administration -> Configuration... -> Storage locations