VT - playback of 3 (or more) items


Let’s imagine I have this sequence:

  • Song 1
  • Fixed-length bed (2’00")
  • Song 2

I’d like to record a VT where I speak starting with the end of song 1, continue over the whole length of the bed, and continuing without stopping until the end of song 2 ramp.

This is very useful when you build your clock so that you time the exact length of your beds (so news bulletins, speakers, etc. adapt to the length of the bed, and not vice versa). This also has the advantage of keeping the cartwall free for other uses (sound effects, contributions, recorded messages, etc.)

Could you add a functionality that enables this, e.g. playback of not only the 1st item following the one you start your VT with, but also the following one(s)?

Another option would be to expand the multitrack so that enables adding a bed after the recording of a VT (OmniPlayer does this, see screenshot below), but this would have the disadvantage that the speaker might not necessarily keep their time.