Volumes during voicetrack not correct for prelistening

Last weekend I gave a demonstration of an mAirlist system to some people from a radio station. During this demonstration a few points came up including this:

When you start voicetracking in the database app, the listening volumes of player A and B are not adjusted with the slider.
The volume changes are saved, because as soon as you edit the voice track with the mix editor, you will see the volume differences. It only concerns the listening volume during the recording of the voice track. This problem only occurs if you have to voicetrack in the database app and not if you are going to voicetrack in a playlist.
this is tested in build 5032.


In the configuration app, under voicertacking options, the ‘adjust player volume’ wasn’t checked!

Yes, it’s configurable - because some people use real console faders for VT, and it would be adjusted twice then.