Voicetracking question

Hi all

A quick question relating to Voicetracking.

We want to add voice tracking to a database playlist for a few days time.

Within mAirList, I can load the database playlist for the required hour into Playlist 1 and then add the voice tracks but how do I save the modified playlist (with the voice tracks) back into the database?

An alternative would be to add the voice tracks using the database GUI which does work but this means that every user who voicetracks will need to have access to the database GUI and all the database functionality which is not a good idea.

I’m sure I must be missing something here - any ideas?



Right now it’s only possible through the DB app.

If you are using a PostgreSQL or MSSQL backend, you can enable user rights/roles, and create a user with the “DJ” role - he will only be able to edit playlist, but not change anything in the library.

Thanks Torben.

We are using a PostgreSQL database. Can you give some pointers on what permissions a ‘DJ’ role would need to have to lock the database down to only being able to update future playlists?


This question is very interesting. If I’m correct, remote voicetrackers (people who records voicetracks from home) needs the DB app in stead of a home-user license?

To create a user with the limited DJ rights:

Step 1: mAirListConfig -> Databases -> Properties -> Security tab: Click the button to create the security roles in PostgreSQL, then the second button to assign the table rights.

Step 2: Go to PostgreSQL configuration (pgAdmin, or the command line tool), create another user (“login role”), and assign the “mairlist_dj” role to it.

To actually use this new user, there are two ways, depending on how your users access the database:

  1. The playout process, including the DB window you get when you click the green Database button in the playout window toolbar, uses the “default login” credentials set in the DB connection settings. Change these to the newly created DJ user.

  2. The standalone DB app, run from Windows Start Menu, has an option to present a login dialog every time you run it. You can find it on the Settings tab in the DB connection properties dialog.

The DB app is part of the Home Studio license.

Just keep in mind that the Home Studio version is only for personal, non-profit use. So if the DJ, working from home, is doing this for fun, without being paid, he is free to use the Home version. Otherwise get a DB+VT license.

Thanks Torben. I will try it later this week.