Voicetrack import error


I started using the mAirList demo to find out if it was right for me. With a friend, we faced a problem:
We wanted to know if it was possible to import VT produced on a local PC into a database, knowing that this local PC is connected to the database by mAirListDB.

When we tried to import a VT recorded on mAirList from my local PC (which uses the mAirList 6.1 demo) on the database, the error “Invalid storage (HTTP / 1.1 500 Internal Server Error)” appears.
I have another demo version (version 6.2 on the other hand) which is on a Windows VPS and which would be used to stream the radio continuously. From this VPS, I manage to import a VT (saved on it) in the database, but not with my local PC. Namely that the folder that would save my VT was created on the VPS windows, and we synchronized this folder in the database.

If you can enlighten me on this, the software seems to be super full! In the opposite case, we will see if we will invest as much for mAirList, in short, to see!
Thanking you in advance for your help.

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Hey there,
What u need on youre “VPS with mAirlist”, is the dbserver.bat
U can find it in the install direction of mAirlist. After start u can choose a new User and permissions to share this DB with other mAirlist User in the same network. U dont need VPN for that.
Setup this dbserver.bat and let it run. This will give u acces to the VPS mAirlistDB from other mAirlists in Network or over www.

After that:
Just ad a new “Network Database” on the Lokal mAirlist, IP adress from the VPS mAirlist and Port.
Then the User/PW or u can use Token from the first dbserver.bat User setup.
Klick ok and let mAirlist definde the DBID set automaticly.

Now u can VT inside the VPS Database with the local mAirlist an import the VT in to it. U dont need to sync the DB by hand because the Network DB will work like a lokal DB on the lokal mAirlist.
The connection will run in more ways. Play Files or Playlists into lokal mAirlist from VPS mAirlist, and upload Files or VT an othe stuff allready into it.

This tool remains mAirlist Pro. But only once on youre VPS Server like a Windows Server.

I hope i can help u with my bad english.


Where to find “dbserver.bat”? Is it a plugin to download? Or is it “Database server”?
In database server, I configured everything correctly, with the permissions assigned.

I connected my local PC with “mAirListDB (Internet Client)” and I have entered my VPS IP and port, etc.

Simply that the VTs are not imported into the database.

I don’t understand how to do it.
Maybe the demo version prevents you from doing that?

Pending your response,
thank you !

No, the trial allows you everything to do which is possible with a bought license. The only restriction is that it runs for 30 days only.

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Hello UliNobbe,

So how can I fix my problem? : /

Thank you!

I forgot,

Besides, my database server that I open from dbserver.bat is already in the background, configured. Just that the local VTs are not imported into the database, it seems.


My demo version will soon stop.
Can someone please help me? :frowning:

And I said to myself, if I synchronize a directory to mAirListDB, maybe the VTs can import into it rather, right?

thank you very much in advance

Sorry but i dont understand youre constillation of mAirlist usings.

At the moment u have 2 installs of mAirlist right?
One at the main Studio and the other outside of the Studio like a Windows Server Maschine oder a Virtual Windows Server anywhere of the World to play 24/7


With the dbserver.bat u can share the DB from the server to the lokal studio. Also Playlists and managing are possible. VT can also bet uplodet from the Studio to the Windows Server DB if u are play around in this DB (remotly from Studio mAirlist into the mAirlist DB on the Windows Server system)

Its important to config the mAirlist Windows server DB in the Studio Config unter Databases.
After that u go directly into the Windows Server mAirlist Database with the mAirlist Version at the Studio. I hope i can help